The facility is designed and optimized to meet all your requirements for post-production.

Production Offices and Amenities

247 HUB is the premier facility based in Belgrade, Serbia.

247 HUB is the premier facility based in Belgrade, Serbia. Our newly opened post-production facility is over 500 m2 (>5000 ft2) large, located in historical building in centre of the city. The facility is designed and optimized to meet all your requirements for post-production; it offers a number of offices, editing and grading suites, cinema for grading and review of dailies. Interior design is very modern, throughout the hub and it is providing comfortable and inspiring work environment. IT platform is Cisco based and includes IP telephony, firewall protection, access to high-speed internet.

Dedicated lounge is available where clients can relax. A choice of food, drinks and coffee is available at all times.



247 HUB offers two large offices to be used as edit suites with an option of converting them into single spacious office. We provide complete solutions for your dailies and editing process including backup, archive, web preview and LUT based offline / online edit.

Both rooms are equipped with latest version of networked Avid Media Composer, each with plug in to FilmLight’s FLUX storage, Sony OLED monitors and high-speed data connectivity.

Our Hub offers a range of 7 production offices ranging from 25 to 30 m (>300 ft2). A separate furnished conference room is available with 65” OLED screen. Handmade office furniture with Herman Miller chairs, basic utilities and internet access are all included in your daily/weekly/monthly rental fees.


247 HUB offers a large and very comfortable colour grading suite, which is a fully equipped digital lab where films are graded before final export, resolutions up to 4K and a multitude of colour spaces but mainly use SMTPE C, REC 709, DCI P3 or REC 2020. We support the most popular colour grading packages available FilmLight Baselight v5 and two Sony OLED monitors: BVM-X300 and PVM-X550 – with the facility to export to Digital Cinema Package (DCP) format, if required, for cinematic playout and distribution.

Specialist equipment
Seats: up to 10 • FilmLight Baselight v5 with a Slate panel • Storage: FilmLight Flux • Monitoring: Sony OLED BVM-X300 and PVM-X550


247 HUB operates a cosy cinema, ranging in capacity from 4 to 40 seats. We are running FilmLight Baselight v5 with a Blackboard panel and Sony OLED BVM-HX310. Projector is Sony 4K laser that is capable of screening all playback formats. Projection screen is 5m (>16 ft) Stewart Screen.

247 HUB supports all phases of filmmaking, from production dailies viewing to re-recording and final Digital Cinema Package review. Our cinema also allows you to “hear” your film in a way that the audience in the multiplex or other public cinema will hear it thanks to the JBL cinema sound system in Dolby 7.1 format.

Specialist equipment
Seats: up to 40 • Stewart Screen: 5m (>16ft) wide • Projection: 2K, 4K, SDR and HDR • Sound Formats: 5.1 & 7.1 • Sony 4K Laser Projector • Dolby CP950 Cinema Server • FilmLight Baselight v5 with a Blackboard panel • Monitoring: Sony OLED BVM-HX310