Do you work in the animation or 3D CGI industry in Southeast Europe? Whether you work in animation, VFX, motion graphics or film and TV, or whether you teach some of these subjects, you are welcome to free Unreal Engine course designed to give you new animation superpowers!

The Summer of Unreal is a free, four-week boot camp created in collaboration with Epic Games where artists learn practical real-time skills from industry vets. While you’re expected to have some knowledge of 3D software, you can be totally new to Unreal Engine. We’ll start with the basics and work our way up to the eye-catching stuff, like stylised cel-shaded/photorealistic objects and digital humans.


WHO IS IT FOR: industry professionals with at least two years of experience working in an animation studio or on animation projects in any artist role including Rigging, Layout, Pre-visualisation, Concept Art, Animation, Lighting and Rendering. The training is aimed at those helping create animated content in a professional capacity. It would also be useful for VFX and motion graphics artists and producers and directors, who are looking to understand how Unreal Engine could fit into their workflows. You’ll need to be familiar with basic 3D digital content creation tools.


MODE OF STUDY: Online in English held by Escape Studios

DURATION: 26th July – 20th August (4 weeks)

Monday to Friday: 10.30 to 16.30

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Thursday 16th July 2021


Link for application: